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How many times did momma tell you “It’s sinful how many clothes you have!”. . . Same Sis. 

If you’ve been following the boutique for a while now, then you know I work in an office, and unfortunately can’t wear my favorite Judy Blue distressed boyfriend jeans and graphic t’s every day. BUT I have found ways to incorporate my favorite western pieces into my office wardrobe. 

Before we moved another department into our building, I was the youngest on the team. So when I first started working there I struggled shopping because outfits some of my coworkers were wearing were “too mature” for me, as Influencer Ang (that’s my momma for those who didn’t know) would tell me. I own a cute boutique, I should have cute clothes to wear to work! 

Of course, when Hailey and I shop for items in the store we keep my work apparel in mind now. We try to find something that women like myself can wear into their office and feel confident in. 

Our Get that Raise blazer was one of the first pieces I wore into work with a fitted white dress. When I tell you I felt like 👏🏼A MILLION BUCKS👏🏼. 

*Disclaimer, I didn’t take a picture in the dress (face palm) and of course I didn’t wear ripped jeans to the office, but that blazer!!! As soon as I put it on for the picture above I told Hailey I wanted to go judge livestock (FFA/4H peeps you know what I mean)! 

The Crown Jewel dress was another personal favorite. The quality and color variations in the dress are beautiful. It’s the “butter” material so it’s perfect for sitting down in all day. To be honest, I was a little concerned that it would show off areas I try to hide on myself. You know that part on the back of your shoulder going in to your armpit where your bra band hits? Yeah… that’s the part. Sometimes the butter  material likes to cling to parts like that, BUT not in this dress! It laid down perfectly so I felt confident walking around campus when needed. 

Our layered Navajo Pearls should be a staple to everyone's jewelry collection. I pair mine with more things than I can count. It’s just another easy way to include a little western flare in our office.

In high school, we wore business casual on game days. Our coaches always said to dress for success. When I feel well put together- makeup is perfect, my hair is done and the outfit is without flaw, I feel like nothing can stop me. I swear even my coffee tastes better! (Okay maybe that's a stretch because I go to Dunkin’ LOL) But when you dress better, you really do feel better. RT shares in a blog on stylerail.com that

“A change of wardrobe can help you get the job you want, the deals you want, the recognition you want, and even the mate you want. It's that powerful.” 

ALSO, let’s chat workplace bullying for a quick second. Because, Sis, I’ve been there. When I wear my loud turquoise, serape, and booties, I see the quiet judgement coming. I’ve heard the snickering. But my outfits are professional, they don’t look like I’m going to a country concert. I’m here to work and do the best at my job that I can. Workplace bullying is unfortunately such a real thing. Gary Namie, a social psychologist and the co-founder of Workplace Bullying Institute shares that workplace bullying is just like sexual harassment in a way. “It comes just like sexual harassment—uninvited, undeserved, unwarranted,”

Find a look that makes you feel that powerful, check out some of the collections we have in our store. Hailey and I spend so much time looking for the perfect product for our market girls, from age, body shape, careers, etc. There is something for everyone at The Market Boutique. 

Thanks for checking out my blog this week! Stay tuned for arrivals and a live sale on Wednesday night- there’s even some work appropriate pieces ;)

XOXO, Abby 



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