Western, Ranchy, Plus Size, Confident!

Hey y’all! We have had a lot of new faces around here lately and I wanted to take a second to re introduce ourselves!
My name is Hailey Tomkow, I am one half of
The Market Boutique
! I was born and raised in Lakeland Florida, growing up on my families cow/calf operation & in my family livestock market is where my love for the Ranching lifestyle began! As a kid I worked cows & at the market anytime we were off school! Shopping and styling people is something, I have always loved to do! I love to put a western twist on most outfits! Being a plus size women I know the struggle of finding cute clothing, I always wanted to bring cute western clothing to our area! In 2018 Abby and I began talking about opening a boutique and The Market Boutique was born!
Staying true to my roots is extremely important to me! We are truly a western boutique with a ranching background! I still work cows and at the livestock auction everyday, then go home and pack orders! I love sharing my cow work pictures with y’all, it’s a huge part of my life that I wish everyone could experience! Bringing awareness to the cattle industry in Florida is one of my passions, if I can do so though The Market Boutique that’s a win for me!
Considering I’m covered in cow crap & sweat most of the week!! I have always loved clothes, getting done up and feeling like a million bucks!
I realized there’s a lot of girls, that come to me and don’t understand how I’m so confident! Let me tell you it was a long ride! I had to learn to love myself and not listen to what other people had to say. If I feel good about it I don’t care what you think! I still have ups and downs, I think the past year were some of the hardest times I’ve had in loving myself! I feel like in the past month I have turned a corner though, I’ve tried to keep negative words and thoughts out of my mind! I’ve tried to stopped comparing others success to my journey, I know i will get there one day! I’ve stopped comparing myself to other women, because chances are they are having the same thoughts about me!
I think it’s important to be vocal about loving yourself for where you are in your journey! Life is to short to constantly be picking a part your body or your choices! Us as women should be picking each other up not tearing one another down!
Starting The Market Boutique wasn’t just about selling cute clothes, it was about changing how other women view themselves! So I say Find you a tribe, a herd, a posse, or a crew of women & men that will love & support you through your ups and downs! If you can’t find one come and join mine because I have a pretty great support system around me!
If you have any questions about me, my life, self love, being plus size, ranching, cattle or anything at all let’s chat!
Thank you for coming to my ted talk...
’s will be coming soon

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