Have any of y'all actually been to “The Market” or the place I call “The Market”??

Have any of y'all actually been to “The Market” or the place I call “The Market”??


It’s funny when people ask me how The Market is doing, I’ll rattle off with “oh cows are ups, calves are staying steady to two dollars higher.” They look at me like I am crazy, then I realize they are talking about the store. 


If you didn’t know my family is in the cattle business, we have a cow/calf operation and we also own Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction Market or “The Market” as people call it! Cattlemen’s is located in Lakeland, FL, we auction cattle through the sale ring to the highest bidder. 


This is a photo taken in the 1950’s of the sale ring during a feeder calf sale. My granddaddy Mike Tomkow is in the second chair on the first row. Granddaddy was an order buyer, he would buy calves, group them and send them out west to backgrounders, feedlots, ect. While also having cow/calf operations across Central Florida. He became an owner in “The Market” sometime in the 80’s! 


Nowadays my Dad & Uncle Mike own & operate “The Market'' our sales are on Tuesday’s at noon! We have been marketing cattle in Central Florida for over 70 years, we strive to help our customers get the most out of their cattle! As Cattlemen ourselves we understand the struggles Cattlemen & women face, and hope to be there when the market is up or down!


So if you ever ask me how “The Market” is doing and I start talking about cattle prices now you know why. I am passionate about both of my “Markets” (boutique & sale barn), I hope to continue to watch them flourish for many years to come. If you ever want to know more about the Florida Cattle industry or Livestock Marketing industry, please don’t hesitate to ask!! 




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