Meet Abby

Hey y’all! Thanks for following our page. Like Hailey said yesterday, we have tons of new faces so we wanted to reintroduce ourselves. My name is Abby Crawford and like Hailey, was born and raised in our little town. I found my passion for the agricultural industry through the FFA which continued on into my college career. If you’re looking to study ag in college, call me! I know of a great school😉 #GoRoyals Fun fact, when Hailey and I met in our intro to ag class, we instantly bonded of clothing. I wore Lilly Pulitzer every day! I was giving her a spray tan one day and we talked about the struggle of finding western apparel anywhere local. Boom. The Market Boutique was born. When I’m not working, you can find me making charcuterie boards for any occasion lol I also love doing projects with my mom and dad. I’m a big DIY-er. You’ll be seeing a lot of our work in our mobile boutique, which I cannot wait to show y’all! Thank you so much for following along with us and supporting our small business. I have loved getting to meet so many of y’all, please don’t ever hesitate to come chat with me! XOXO Abby

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